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Hospira offers a wide variety of spare parts to support our serialized medical devices. For your convenience, we have included a list with associated part numbers. To order your spare parts please call 1-866-488-6088 or (514) 905-2600, then press 5.

collapse AIM Plus
101624AIM PlusKeypad, 18 Button
101633AIM PlusPWA, Display
101833AIM PlusASM, Optics Carrier
101834AIM PlusASM, Cassette Latch
101847AIM PlusJack, AC Power
101849AIM PlusJack, Bolus
101894AIM PlusInsulator, Kapton
101898AIM PlusASM, Battery Contact
101899AIM PlusJumper, Battery Contact
102015AIM PlusIC Prom (Rev 8.002)
102017AIM PlusIC Prom (Rev 9.000)
102029AIM PlusASM, Beeper
102097AIM PlusSpacer, Cushion
102393AIM PlusKeypad, 4 Button
102444AIM PlusASM, Motor
102681AIM PlusASM, PCB w/Proms
102787AIM PlusPad, Rubber
102808AIM PlusASM, Battery Door
304016AIM PlusLockwasher, #10
305005AIM PlusScrew, Bottom Case
305056AIM PlusScrew, 2-56x3/16"
305057AIM PlusScrew, Warranty
305058AIM PlusScrew, Optics
305059AIM PlusScrew, Bottom Case
305065AIM PlusScrew, Motor, 15mm

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