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Symbiq Infusion System:

Advanced, yet easy to use, the Symbiq Infusion System with Hospira MedNet® Software is designed to make patient safety easier. The Symbiq Infusion System allows hospitals to help assure that their best defined clinical practices are being utilized in all programs.

Designed to help hospitals improve patient safety

  • The integrated drug library design allows hospitals to assure compliance with their best clinical practices in all medication programming sequences.
  • Broad and flexible functionality allows hospitals to define individual soft and hard limits for up to 400 medications in 40 separate CCAs via Hospira MedNet Software.
  • Event logs allow hospitals to track medication risk events and generate quality assurance reports.
  • Set-based, free-flow protection is reinforced by an automated set loading feature.

The Symbiq infusion system is easy to use

  • Extensive human factors engineering was incorporated into the design of the Symbiq system, which has received the 2006 User Centered Product Design Award from the Human Factors and Ergonomic Society (http://www.hfes.org/web/DetailNews.aspx?Id=116).
  • Simple programming makes it easy for clinicians to learn to use the device.
  • The backlit color LCD touchscreen display features highly visible graphics and text and is designed to be viewed easily by a clinician with 20:40 vision.
  • Clinician-friendly features include a quick-release rotating pole clamp to facilitate attaching devices or removing them from IV poles and bed rails easily, tubing guides for line management, daisy-chain power connection to minimize cord clutter, easy and secure pump to pump connection and an automated set loading mechanism.

The Symbiq infusion system has broad performance features, making it useful throughout the clinical environment

  • Rate accuracy of the Symbiq system is +/- 5% across the entire delivery range (0.1 - 1,000 mL/hr) allowing hospitals to meet the needs of all care areas.
  • The Symbiq system is excellent in clinical applications where flow continuity is important, such as pediatric and neonatal units. In addition, the Symbiq system can deliver from a broad range of syringes (1 mL - 60 mL).
  • The device is highly flexible with many configurable features that may be customized to meet the varying needs of different hospitals and care areas.
  • The broad range of ninety-one dosing units allows hospitals greater choice in defining dosing limits.
  • The Symbiq system helps hospitals improve patient care and provide a valuable return on investment.