Helping You Make a Difference

Hospira’s infusion systems and services are recognized for their safety, dependability, and effectiveness by health care professionals around the world.


The Hospira portfolio of premier IV safety devices is engineered for contamination control, needlestick prevention and reliable IV drug delivery performance. Our innovative IV sets are easy to use, help eliminate waste and may lower the cost of care across clinical areas. Use Hospira devices to help manage your exposure risks to hazardous drugs, hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs) and keep you and your patients safer with proven needle-free technology.


Our smart pump and pain management technology is designed to help ensure patient care and helps you meet your clinical safety and workflow goals. Hospira offers a variety of infusion pumps with wired and 802.11 wireless connectivity for your convenience. Hospira’s general infusion smart pumps have large drug libraries that help hospitals tailor their IV therapy safety protocols to meet today’s complex health care practices.


Our innovative Hospira MedNet™ Medication Management Suite software helps you analyze your clinical processes to improve quality of care, identify safety risks and reduce costs. Hospira’s dose error reduction software (DERS) allows hospitals to manage all Hospira infusion smart pumps from one single server, making it easy for clinicians to track on-going infusions and biomed departments to locate devices across their health facilities.

Please contact a sales representative at 1-866-488-6088 for more details or for a live demonstration.


Our integrated solution connects the medication order, IV pump, patient information and electronic medical records. Bringing together this information helps you improve patient safety, workflow and cost efficiency. Hospira’s MedNet safety software can today be integrated with industry leading EMR vendors. By partnering with Hospira your team is ready for the next wave of IV therapy safety enhancement – IV Clinical Integration.

Hospira supports IHE Patient Care Device profiles (HL7) and/or native XML interfacing to facilitate EMR integration.

Please contact a sales representative at 1-866-488-6088 for more details or for a live demonstration of IV clinical integration.


Our Implementation Services team will help you plan, implement and maintain an infusion system that may improve patient safety and care.


Our Clinical Services teams provide customized services such as data analysis and benchmarking, clinical product usage assessments, and GAP analysis.